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Your Path to becoming an NTCO-Certified Patient Care Technician (NT-PCT)

Patient care technicians are allied health professionals who provide direct patient care within their regulated scope of practice.


They assist the medical and nursing staff by performing basic nursing tasks, as delegated, which may include:


  • Obtaining patient vital signs

  • Setting up and performing EKGs

  • Phlebotomy tasks (venipunctures)

  • Communicating with the healthcare team and patients

  • Assisting with activities of daily living (ADLs)

  • Complying with confidentiality requirements

Exam Contents - Patient Care Technician

1. Professional Responsibilities

2. Safety and Infection Control

3. Direct Patient Care

4. Phlebotomy

5. EKG

The Patient Care Technician role is expanding in many healthcare settings and more and more responsibility is being added to the PCT. You will be tested on your knowledge in the five areas indicated above.


A score above 70% is required to pass and earn your certification. All NTCO Certifications expire every two years and recertification must be achieved to continue being NTCO certified.

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