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What is NTCO? 
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Does it really matter who I certify with?

NTCO stands for National Testing & Certification Organization.


It was founded on the principle that one's hard work should be recognized through a fair and rigorous testing mechanism. It came about as an answer to the lack of professional and responsive certification agencies in existence today. When you work with NTCO and become NTCO-Certified, you work with industry professionals and you achieve a Certification you can be proud of.

Yes, absolutely it matters. Where you certify is akin to where you went to school. There are many colleges and universities out there with varying degrees of prestige. You get to know how important reputation is when you apply for work. 

It's the same with your Certification agency - NTCO is recognized by many employers nationwide in the Healthcare arena and NTCO certifications are accepted and valued highly as well. Where you choose to certify matters, go with NTCO.

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Why should I get NTCO Certified?

NTCO currently tests for the following certification exams:

1. Medical Assistant

2. Patient Care Technician

3. Phlebotomy Technician

4. EKG Technician

5. Medical Billing & Coding Specialist

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What type of certifications does NTCO test for?
What happens if I fail the exam?
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To qualify to sit for an NTCO exam, you must have completed a relevant course or program at a post-secondary educational institution, or have two or more years of experience in the field for which you will be tested. Verification of educational credentials or work experience must be uploaded at time of registration.

What are the requirements to take an exam?

It's all about Rigor and Reputation:


  • All NTCO exams are created by teams of industry professionals with a minimum of 10 years in their respective fields.

  • All exams are proctored live.

  • Your results are given to you instantly (online exams) or within three business days (paper & pencil).

  • You receive a certificate and professional wallet card when you pass. 

  • Your name and certification can be verified by employers online within 48 hours of passing - an industry first.

It happens. We're all human and failing an exam should not be the end of the world. You can retake your exam after 48 hours. You get 50% off the exam fees on any subsequent attempts at the same exam. This is also an industry first and aligns with our "Customer First" philosophy.

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