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Proven Success: Certification means higher pay, better job

It's true. Certification by a third party testing organization can often mean the difference between getting a job offer or being overlooked. Companies are increasingly looking at education validation as a key component of their onboarding strategy.


Most industries, especially in Healthcare and IT, base a large part of their hiring decision-making on having a 3rd-party certification that validates one's training or education. A school certificate or degree is often not enough.

How will certification help you get ahead?

The whole idea of CERTIFICATION is to get ahead - it shows employers and others alike that you are serious about your career and have taken extra steps to validate your skills and training that others have not. From CTPCERT (an industry group), some of the benefits are:

  • Higher Salaries - up to 25% more

  • Increased job security

  • Better career flexibility

  • Improved marketability

  • Boosts relevancy

Why get certified? The answer might surprise you

Certification came about largely in the 1990s and was heavily used to certify those in the Information Technology (IT) field, where companies used third-party testing organizations to validate various competencies. 

Over the years, almost every industry has developed Industry Certifications to vet their incoming employees and to validate the skills and ongoing training of existing workers. Becoming certified is fast becoming a necessity that can no longer be ignored.

How do you get certified?

Certification is just proving what you know. It's an exam you sit for, except it's done in a controlled environment, monitored by an approved proctor at all times. Some exams are computer based and others are done with paper and pencil. 

All exams are administered by our partners and affiliates - schools in good standing and testing sites situated across the country. Call us or write us an email if you need to locate a testing site near you.

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"Skilled Pros Needed as Healthcare IT Pay is on the Rise"

As the business of healthcare continues to become progressively complex and competitive, healthcare is becoming increasingly aware of what other industry sectors already knew and that is, if used properly, IT can be a competitive advantage for business. 


August 15, 2017

"Electronic Medical Record Spotlight"

GE Healthcare has come a long way from its 1893 roots as Victor Electric Co., which manufactured dental engines and beer pumps. From the rise of x-ray imaging in World War II through the rampant medical M&A of the 1980s, the group that eventually  became GE Healthcare emerged as a medical diagnostics powerhouse.


July 12, 2016

"The Impact of Cloud Dynamics in Healthcare"

The healthcare industry in America is a test in progress.  Like almost every hospital you visit today, it's coping with a massive construction project.  The stated end-goal of this project is to compel Americans into joining a larger pool of insured customers, which would theoretically drive down coverage costs.  The model for this project, however, is not some simple chart like a Porter value chain.


Getting certified was the best thing I ever did for my career.



— Rose from New York, NY

      I have a University Degree and didn't think I needed to get certified to get a job. I was wrong. Certification has meant higher pay and better prospects for me. 



— Charles from Overland Park, KS

     I'm a Medical Assistant  and I had a hard time finding my first job coming out of school.  Getting Certified was the answer.



— Jessica from Detroit, MI

     Certification has meant more money, better jobs, and more respect in my job.



— Ahmed from Columbus, OH

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